05 Sep Afrikan Boy for GSBTB at East Side Music Days 17

„Spell it with a k!“ – Afrikan Boy rocked the stage of the East Side Music Days 2017 with his sharp political lyrics and a unique mix of London urban sounds and irresistible beats of Nigeria. One Artist, many cultures! Thank you GSBTB – Music Open School for making it possible! The Open Music School is a musical skill-sharing community with a focus on the integration of less-privileged newcomers into Berlin’s diverse and world famous music scene. They offer a variety of completely free, weekly group classes run by talented volunteers who are musicians themselves. In addition to that, they also work in collaboration with other initiatives from the music industry and civil society to organize events and concerts, like this time with the East Side Music Days, Berlins Street Music Festival.  We are crazy happy to support this wonderful project with our brandnew Soli Mate 0,5l 🙂 Are you curious? Join them!  #MakeMusicBreakBorders #lookingformusicians #wannabemusician #mixmusic #mixcultures #solimate4refugees #drinkalong

GSBTB - Open Music School at the East Side Music Days 2017

GSBTB – Open Music School at the East Side Music Days 2017

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